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Directory of Partners

SN Partner CLF Program(s)
1 Absolute Kinetic Consultancy Pte Ltd Youth-in-Action (YIA)
2 Ace The Place CC Family Excellence Circles (FEC)
3 Adam AssociationDads-in-Action Network (DiAN) Phase I & Phase II
Content Development & Train The Trainer for DIAN Phase II 
4 Admiralty Secondary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
5 Aflaaq Stars Educational & Cultural Society Family Excellence Circles (FEC)
6 AIN Society
Family Excellence Circles (FEC)
Serenity Family Care Programme 
7 AirAsia Berhad  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
8 Al-Amin Mosque Core Parenting Skills (CPS)
9 Al-Ansar Mosque Tiga M
10 Al-Falah Mosque Youth-in-Action (YIA)
11 Al-Istiqamah Mosque Core Parenting Skills (CPS)
12 Al-Mukminin Mosque  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
13 Al-Muttaqin Mosque  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
14 An Nahdhah Mosque Tiga M
15 Andalus Corporation  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
16 An-Nur Mosque  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
17 Arium School of Arts & Science  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
18 Ar-Raudhah Mosque Tiga M
19 Ar-Rayyan Corporation Pte Ltd Youth-in-Action (YIA)
20 Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) Debt Advisory Centre
Family Economic Sustainability Programme (FESP)
Youth-in-Action (YIA)
21 Assumption English High  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
22 Assyakirin Mosque Tiga M
23 Bartley Secondary School 
Youth-in-Action (YIA)
Empowerment Programme for Girls (EPG)
24 Bedok South Secondary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
25 Bendemeer Primary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
26 Boon Lay CC MAEC
Family Excellence Circles (FEC)
Tiga M 
27 Boon Lay Garden Primary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
28 Boon Lay Secondary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
29 Bukit Batok CC MAEC
Core Parenting Skills (CPS)
Tiga M
MENDAKI’s Community Tuition Subsidy (CoTS) Scheme
30 Canact Youth-in-Action (YIA)
31 Canberra CC MAEC  Core Parenting Skills (CPS)
32 Cereal Tech School of Baking Technology Pte Ltd  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
33 Chong Boon Secondary School Youth-in-Action (YIA)
34 Clubilya Youth-in-Action (YIA)
35 Crest Secondary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
36 Damai Primary School Youth-in-Action (YIA)
37 Darul Aman Mosque  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
38 Darul Ghufran Mosque Tiga M
39 Darul Ihsan Orphanage MENDAKI’s Community Tuition Subsidy (CoTS) Scheme
40 Darul Makmur Mosque  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
41 East View Secondary School 
Youth-in-Action (YIA)
Empowerment Programme for Girls (EPG)
42 Era Dance Theatre Ltd  MUARA Festival 2015
43 Evergreen Primary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
44 First Toa Payoh Secondary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
45 Geylang Methodist Primary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
46 Greenridge Secondary School Youth-in-Action (YIA)
47 Hasanah Mosque Tiga M
48 Henderson Secondary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
49 Hong Kah Secondary School 
Youth-in-Action (YIA)
Empowerment Programme for Girls (EPG)
50 HyFy Limited Youth-in-Action (YIA)
Mentoring Youth Offenders (MenYou): Research & Development Phase
51 Jamiyah Singapore 
Empowering & Caring For Our Family 
Improving Services Through Programme Evaluation: The Outcome Management Programme Way! 
52 Junyuan Primary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
53 Just Parenting Association Family Excellence Circles (FEC)
54 Kampung Alkaff Mosque  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
55 Kent Ridge Secondary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
56 KLC International Institute Youth-in-Action (YIA)
57 LifeStak Pte Ltd  LifeStak 
58 Literacy Initiative For Equity (LIFE)   Excite ‘n’ Empower
59 Lithan Hall  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
60 Loyang Secondary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
61 Macpherson Primary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
62 Macpherson Secondary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
63 Madrasah Al-Arabiah Al-Islamiah Youth-in-Action (YIA)
64 Madrasah Al-Irsyad Zuhri Al-Islamiah Youth-in-Action (YIA)
65 Madrasah Aljunied Al-Islamiah  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
66 Madrasah Wak Tanjong Al-Islamiah Youth-in-Action (YIA)
67 Mahad Al-Nasry (Jurong) Tiga M
68 Mahad Al-Nasry (Tampines)  Tiga M
 Majlis Pusat Bengkel Anak Tari 
69 Majulah Community Youth-in-Action (YIA)
Youth Space @ ITE Central
70 MakingMentors  MakingMentors Web 
71 Malay Youth Literary Association (4PM)
Remaja Resilien (R2)
Ramadhan On Wheels (ROW) 2016
FRENZ 2016
GEMS 2016
72 Marsiling MAEC Family Excellence Circles (FEC)
73 Marsiling Primary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
74 Mercu Learning Point Pte Ltd  Strategic Thinking and Planning Programme 
75 Muhammadiyah Association
Muhammadiyah Welfare Home
Youth Development Programme
Projek Keluarga Teguh
MENDAKI’s Community Tuition Subsidy (CoTS) Scheme
MWH-CLF Conference on Intervention for Malay-Muslim Youth with very High Level Needs
76 Mujahidin Mosque Tiga M
77 Muslim Kidney Action Association (MKAC) Family Excellence Circles (FEC)
78 Muslim Welfare Association Family Excellence Circles (FEC)
79 MyPART Youth-in-Action (YIA)
80 Neurovex Pte Ltd  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
81 Northbrook Secondary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
82 PALSociety Pte Ltd Youth-in-Action (YIA)
Diploma in Counselling
83 PCF (Admiralty) Tiga M
84 PCF (Marsiling)  Tiga M
85 PCF (Woodlands) Tiga M
86 PEACE Community Resources Pte Ltd
Reading Achievement Programme (REAP)
Psycho-education for Recovering Women and Their Children 
Support Group for Recovering Women
87 Peicai Secondary School 
Youth-in-Action (YIA)
Empowerment Programme for Girls (EPG)
88 PERDAUS     Full HR Consultancy 
Projek Insan Mukmin
Executive Programme Emerging Innovations in Policy Making: Behaviour, Data & Design
90 Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura (PPIS) PPIS Vista Sakinah
Project H.O.M.E for FSC West
Talking Pot Programme for FSC East
Family Therapy Institute
PPIS Student Care Centres (Bedok & Jurong)
Titian Kasih
Club Inspirasi
Business Excellence Consultancy
The Rising Star Project 2015
The Rising Star Project 2016 (Reality TV)
The Rising Star Project 2016 for PCH - Performing Arts 
MENDAKI's Community Tuition Subsidy (CoTS) Scheme
Work System Development
92 Pioneer Secondary School Youth-in-Action (YIA)
93 Progress Class Society
Youth-in-Action (YIA)
Core Parenting Skills (CPS)
Family Excellence Circles (FEC)
MENDAKI's Community Tuition Subsidy (CoTS) Scheme
94 Sembawang Secondary School 
Youth-in-Action (YIA)
Empowerment Programme for Girls (EPG)
95 Shuqun Secondary School
Youth-in-Action (YIA)
Empowerment Programme for Girls (EPG)
96 Siglap Secondary School 
Youth-in-Action (YIA)
Empowerment Programme for Girls (EPG)
97 Singapore Kadayanallur Muslim League Family Excellence Circles (FEC)
98 Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SMCCI)  Protégé Kita 
99 Singapore Tenkasi Muslim Welfare  Society Family Excellence Circles (FEC)
100 Sky High Educators LLP Homework Help! & Transit
101 The Arabs' Association (Alwehdah) Family Excellence Circles (FEC)
102 The Green Apple Project Pte Ltd Youth-in-Action (YIA)
103 United Indian Muslim Association (UIMA) Family Excellence Circles (FEC)
Work Safety Health (WSH) Act Productivity Training Program
CRM/Payroll/Accounting Development and Consultancy
104 Urbane Academy Youth-in-Action (YIA)
105 Variasi Performing Arts ROOTS! (Arts Camp 2015) – Reflection & Revolusion 
106 Wellington Primary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
107 Woodlands Secondary School
Youth-in-Action (YIA)
Empowerment Programme for Girls (EPG)
108 Yuhua Secondary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
109 Yusof Ishak Secondary School 
Youth-in-Action (YIA)
Empowerment Programme for Girls (EPG)
110 Zhonghua Primary School  Youth-in-Action (YIA)
111 Zulfa Kindergarten (Choa Chu Kang) Tiga M
112 Zulfa Kindergarten (Jurong)  Tiga M