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CLF Programmes & Community Projects 

The CLF programmes are designed to provide a comprehensive, integrated and holistic approach to helping families-in-need through educational, youth, family and employability programmes and services. The effectiveness and efficacy of these programmes are closely monitored and evaluated according to the MENDAKI Programme Evaluation System (MaPES). This evaluation tool, based on the Logic Model, allows for a systematic way towards successful programme planning, implementation and outcome measurement.

The CLF Programmes & Community Projects are as follows:



  • Maju Minda Matematika (Tiga M) by MENDAKI
  • Success in PSLE Mathematics Seminar by MENDAKI
  • Community Tuition Subsidy (CoTS) Scheme by:
    • Bukit Batok CC MAEC
    • Darul Ihsan Orphanage
    • Muhammadiyah Welfare Home
    • PERTAPIS Children’s Home & Centre for Women & Girls
    • Progress Class Society


  • Youth-in-Action (YIA)
  • Empowerment Programme for Girls (EPG)
  • YouthSpace@ITE Central by Majulah Community
  • Majulah O.M.G by Majulah Community
  • The Rising Star Project by PERTAPIS Children’s Home & Centre for Women & Girls
  • Remaja Resilien by 4PM


  • Centre for Long Term Unemployed (LTU)
  • Surrogate Employer Programme (SEP)
  • NEU PC Plus Program & Home Access Programme