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Changes in CLF Funding Quantum 

1. All proposals submitted by partners that meet the CLF criteria will now receive 80% instead of 60% of the approved amount. This will take effect this year, in the forthcoming application window in June 2024.


2. All MENDAKI-initiated programmes, such as #amPowered mentoring, Family Excellence Circle (FEC) and now KelasMateMatika (KMM), will receive 100% funding.


Raikan Ilmu

RI2024 will be held in July 2024 and once again, we invite you to be part of this month-long celebration. The RI2024 will be held at Our Tampines Hub, Jurong Point and Kampung Admiralty.

The theme this year is "Celebrating knowledge and embracing lifelong learning” and aims to create a hands-on and interactive learning experience for everyone from young to old, families and individuals.

RI2024 will feature four experiential pavilions, namely: 

  • Discovery Pavilion: Explore career opportunities, experience new media and using various digital means. 


  • Innovation Pavilion: Discover the future of learning with our tech showcase. 


  • Creativity Pavilion: Take part in fun, hands-on craft activities, cardboard playground. 


  • Wellness Pavilion: Get busy with group workouts and understand the importance of mental health.