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The CLF LABS is an extension to the current Community Leaders Forum partnership structure and is adopted from a recommendation made by members of the CLF2010 Forward Planning Exercise (CLF2010-FPE) with the aim to "carve out an avenue where fresh ideas are incubated and tested as part of the next phase of enhancing community foundations." It is also aimed at extending CLF partnership to Youth-Led organisations and non-formalised groups.

This effort is reflective of the idea of “Nurturing a Conscientized Generation” that was raised in the CLF FPE Report presented to the Prime Minister during CLF Conference in November 2010. CLF LABS is a space for youth to express and respond on what they have conscience in and are conscious about their community and propel towards its excellence.

Over the years, CLF LABS has received various project proposals in the areas of Arts, Education, Engineering, Technology and Sports and has awarded applicants with grants to kick-start their projects with the objective of enhancing the community's foundations. 

To know more about CLF2010-FPE, view the Visual Journey video below.